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Step Ahead Physical Therapy

Working to Eliminate Pain, One Patient at a Time

Step Ahead Physical Therapy in Somerville, Cambridge, and Marblehead Massachusetts, is dedicated to helping you eliminate pain and heal your injuries. We service the communities of Somerville, Cambridge, Medford, Charlestown, Arlington, Everett, Marblehead, Swampscott, Salem, Lynn, Nahant and the surrounding areas of Boston and the North Shore.

What makes us unique is our philosophy of care.

We’re working hard to remove all barriers blocking your pain reduction and restoration of normal living.

Here are six ways we prove it to you every day.

-         Fast Appointments. You can see us within 24-48 hours. We also take late evening appointments to accommodate your busy life.

-         Insurance Acceptance. We are a provider for most major insurance companies.

-         Independence and Skill. We are a privately owned clinic with highly experienced staff.

-         Accessibility. We even have free parking and are MBTA accessible.

-         Suitable Time For Successful Treatments. Our therapy sessions last between 45 and 60 minutes. We are no PT factory.

-         One-on-One Care. When you come to us, you get a skilled, experienced Physical Therapist, not assistants or aids. You deserve the best.


Did you know that YOU have the right to choose your physical therapist? When you get a physical therapy referral from your physician, you can visit any provider you like.  The choice is yours. You can either visit the provider recommended by your physician, or any other provider that you feel comfortable with.  

  • The state of MA has direct access which allows the patient to see a physical therapist without a physician's referral. If you don't know whether you need a referral, don't worry. Just call our office and we'll get the answer for you.
  • Your physician may advise you to visit their own in-office physical therapy facility or one that is run by a large hospital. You can do so, or research and use an independent physical therapist in private practice - THE CHOICE IS YOURS.
  • You are not obligated to go to any particular physical therapy office / clinic; even if your surgeon or physician suggests that office.
  • The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) requires it's members to abide by the Association's Code of Ethics. This ensures that they are committed to providing competent and compassionate care.

Book an appointment now and get your pain-free life back!


"Thank you for your never ending support, encouragement, and ability to keep me focused on the exercises I've done for my ACL rehab.  With your professionalism and the ultimate training techniques, my knee is now much stronger and better than it ever was before. Thank you again for your expert and compassionate treatment and I appreciate you being my #1 PT."
Y.T., Charlestown, MA